Darren Read
Software Engineer and Photographer

Java Software

This section is a small showcase of a java program which I wrote to manage the maintenance of a small fleet of vehicles. This particular version didn't make it past alpha test as I changed technologies before completing it.

It was written using Netbeans as an IDE, MySQL as a database and swing and swingX to define the user interface. The planner view is a completely custom control written by me.

Fleet Maintenance Management

The screen shot here is of an early version of a fleet maintenance management program that I wrote.

This version was written in Java and utilises a MySQL database in the backend.

A key requirement of any fleet maintenance system is to allow simple planning of the maintenance tasks. This screen displays an overview of past and future maintenance tasks, whilst also allowing the user to create new tasks or edit existing ones.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Here is another screen shot of the maintenance planner.

This time it is showing one week's worth of the schedule allowing the maintenance manager to see the work coming up in more detail.

Fleet Maintenance Management

The screen shot here is of the vehicle details screen.

This screen allows the viewing, editing and creation of vehicle records in the system.

This version of the design allows storage of many details including:

  • vehicle dimensions
  • registration date
  • purchase and sale information
  • test dates