Darren Read
Software Engineer and Photographer


All of the galleries contain photographs that I have taken over the years.

The cameras used vary over time and circumstance. Where the data is still available the camera make and model will be displayed as part of the image information. All of the information displayed is extracted from the EXIF data in order to make the site a little more dynamic.
When using SLR cameras I have tended towards using Canon equipment.
This choice was driven by a few factors, not least of which being that in my early days of photography I had the opportunity to borrow some Canon lenses. This meant that I could spend a little more on a camera body and save for the lenses later. I'm still waiting for later to arrive.

My early foray into digital photography was with Fuji compact cameras, which were finally replaced with a Canon Powershot S50 and an Olympus Mju 850SW.
The digital SLR side of my photography is, not surprisingly, still using Canon equipment.

I still am very much driven by budget and so tend to stick to the lower end DSLRs and by buying last year’s model I tend to have reasonable equipment for less money whilst still achieving good results.

The progression on the DSLR front started with a 300D, stepped up (eventually) to a 350D and now am using an 1100D.

I hope that the photographs are enjoyed by those that view them.