Darren Read
Software Engineer and Photographer

Welcome to my website.

On these pages I hope to share a little bit about me and what I do.

I have always been involved in technology of one sort or another, whether it be mechanical, electronic or software. From an early age I had a thirst for working out how things work, how they're built and how to improve upon them. Admittedly this did sometimes lead to them doing something other than originally intended

This site is aimed at showing people both my technical side and my creative side.

I have spent the large majority of my career working with Oracle products and am very proficient with PL/SQL, Forms and Reports. Additionally I have some DBA experience within Oracle.

This site is written on a Windows laptop, with Apache 2, MySQL and PHP (WAMP).
I have utilised Netbeans as an IDE to write the site using PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript and jquery. The MySQL database is primarily to feed the CV section of the site.
Web development is not my only area of development expertise and some of the pages on this site will show some of my personal desktop based developments using various technologies including C#, Java, MySQL and SQL Server.

I hope that you enjoy browsing,